IHCWAY英会話講師ブランドンの思い 8

What will the next 6 months be like for me? Only time will tell. I have really enjoyed it so far. I’ve even mastered a bit of the language and yesterday I was able to provide directions to some locals! It wasn’t anything difficult. The women were just asking where the train station was. Easy enough for me to understand lol.

IHCWAY クチコミで広がるマンツーマン英会話


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IHCWAY英会話講師ブランドンの思い 7

So 6 months…what exciting and strange things have I seen or done? Where to begin?
I’ve eaten whale and raw horse meat. That was pretty interesting. I’ve eaten eggs boiled in a volcano hot spring supposedly giving life longevity.
I can use my mobile underground! I can watch precision clear TV on it too!
Men crowding over the magazine rack at every convenient store.
Security guys guarding cigarette vending machines to stop underage smoking.

IHCWAY クチコミで広がるマンツーマン英会話

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IHCWAY英会話講師ブランドンの思い 6

仕事を探すのには特に苦労しました。 もし僕に学位や称号があったなら、もっと簡単に進んでいたでしょう。僕は人から与えられた仕事をこなすより、自らで動き、仕事を探しだすのが自分らしいと思います。私は現在プライベート・レッスンで英語を教えています。
I came to Toronto with only a couple suitcases and now I was leaving with only a couple suitcases.I’m finally in Japan! What did I get myself into? What if things don’t work out? I would be lying if I said it has been smooth sailing since I arrived. I’ve had some difficulties, mainly with finding work. It would’ve been easier if I had a degree. I actually have to go out and find work rather than have someone else do all the work and just spoon feed me a position. Where’s the challenge in that? Anyway, I currently am private English tutoring.

IHCWAY クチコミで広がるマンツーマン英会話

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IHCWAY英会話講師ブランドンの思い 5

It was only 6 months ago when I boarded a plane bound for Japan. And now I have reached midway on my Japanese get away.
Most people would say what I did was brave while others would say crazy. I abandoned everything that gave me security for uncertainty. I had gained so much over 4 years in Toronto, and to give it all up was really tough. But I went forward, and packed my life up literally. It was like coming full circle.

IHCWAY クチコミで広がるマンツーマン英会話

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IHCWAY英会話講師ブランドンの思い 4

現在僕は英語のプライベート・レッスンの講師をしています。こちらもとても順調に進んでいて、 IHCWAY
これから過ごす東京での時間も本当に楽しみです。 できるだけ長い間日本に滞在することを計画しています!
I am currently a private English tutor. It’s going pretty well. My students from IHCWAY and the office staff are great! They’re eager to learn and I’m eager to teach them. I’m really looking forward to my time in Tokyo. I plan to stay as long as I can! Tokyo is amazing!

IHCWAY クチコミで広がるマンツーマン英会話

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IHCWAY英会話講師ブランドンの思い 3

東京以外にも大阪なども訪問しました。 それらの旅行は素晴らしかったです。これからも日本でもっとたくさんのことを経験していきたいと思っています。今となっては、第二の故郷と落ち着くことを考えてるほどです。
I’ve already done some traveling beyond Tokyo, such as visiting Osaka. It was wonderful. I hope to do some more in the near future. As for now, I am just trying to settle into my home away from home. And since I am on a working holiday program, I can also work.

IHCWAY クチコミで広がるマンツーマン英会話

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IHCWAY英会話講師ブランドンの思い 2

I even studied Japanese language and took a vacation to Japan…my first trip ever outside North America! After returning from Japan, I knew I wanted to go back as soon as possible. Anyway, to make a long story short, some of my Japanese friends returned to Japan so I decided to follow them.
Fast forward one year, and I’m finally back in Japan again!
So far, it has been great!

IHCWAY クチコミで広がるマンツーマン英会話

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IHCWAY英会話講師ブランドンの思い 1

Where do I begin?
I moved to Tokyo about 3 months ago from Toronto, Canada. I have been raised in Canada from a very early age. I have lived in Edmonton, Vancouver, and finally Toronto. It’s a great country and I think Canada has a good reputation on the global scale.
Why come to Tokyo you ask? Well, I’ve been lucky enough to have met quite a few Japanese people in the last couple of years. They really opened up my eyes about Japan. I grew fond of them and my interest in Japan grew.

IHCWAY クチコミで広がるマンツーマン英会話

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It’s been a while since I’ve written. Instead of writing something to update, I’m just gonna post links to some photos. You can see what I’ve been up to 🙂


Trip to Fukuoka

Trip to Hiroshima

Trip to Miyajima

Trip to Kyoto

Kyoto continued and briefly Osaka

Uchiwa workshop and Sumida Fireworks

Nakameguro Awa Odori

Tokyo Summer


マンツーマン英会話が1時間2000円! 格安

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